Bars Within Walking Distance from Duke St Boutique – Ropewalks

The Ropewalks in Liverpool is both one of the trendiest areas in the city and an ideal place to let your hair down and have a few drinks. It’s streets are populated with so many pubs and bars, you’ll struggle to choose between them.

Enter us, with our amazing one-stop-shop guide to all the Ropewalks’ coolest watering holes, including a little about each one and where you can find them.

Kazimier Garden

You’ll struggle to find a place cooler than this, even in the Ropewalks, as Kazimier combines up-cycled materials and natural features to make a social drinking zone perfect for everyone. Their dance floor is gravel, giving you some idea as to how they implement the space around them into their pub – and obviously this puts dance floor knee slides completely out of the question.

This place is located on Seel Street, making it the perfect venue to slot into the middle of your night out, or even to start it all off, given that there are so many bars around that area – you’ll never struggle to find an interesting place to move on to around Seel Street.

The Oracle

Looking like an old timey speakeasy and inconspicuously built into a wall on Duke Street, walking into The Oracle feels a bit like walking down Diagon Alley. Inside the decor gives off the sense of being in a 19th century tavern, and the performing magicians that walk from table to table add to this sense of wonder…

Yes, we said magicians, because The Oracle is a magic themed bar where patrons are treated to actual live magic tricks while they sip their drinks. One moment you’re polishing off a Guiness, the next you’re trying to figure out how that bloke got his name on your underpants.

The Shipping Forecast

This place is all about giving their patrons a good time, combining the simple pleasures of pub life (great booze, cracking food and live music) into a tantalising package that lets you know exactly what you’re getting when you go for a night out at The Shipping Forecast, but also gives you all a great time.

It’s on Slater Street right in the middle of the Ropewalks, and it’s open pretty much everyday from midday to midnight. Obviously throughout the day you’re going to get a quiet pub feel with burgers being passed around the tables, but at night it’s more of a party vibe with live music being shown constantly.

Berry and Rye

Occupying an ‘intimate hideout’ on the aptly named Berry Street in Liverpool’s Chinatown, Berry and Rye prides itself on seclusion. For starters there’s absolutely no sign whatsoever on the exterior of the building, which shows how dedicated these guys are to providing a quiet drinking place rather than a raving night club.

Their whole thing revolves around cocktails and expertly mixed shorts, which makes this place absolutely perfect for retreating with a couple of friends to escape the chaotic nature of Liverpool city centre.


In stark contrast to the seclusion of Berry and Rye, is MOJO, a notorious hub of rock and roll for as long as we can remember. Walking into this place is like walking into a bar in Mean Streets, with dim red lighting and mixer-soda’s being passed around like nobody’s business.

They’re dedicated to classic rock and roll and specialise in cocktails and rum – try the Mount Gay and coke with lime if you’re struggling with the vast choice. It’s in great location as well, on Back Berry Street right in the centre of the Ropewalks, so if you’re the type that prefers ACDC to ABBA, check these guys out.

P.s: they make amazing chicken wings.

Red Door

Not that this should affect your choice of bar at all, but this place has by far and away the highest quality website we have ever seen. Bit of a tangent, but we guess at least you know you’ll enjoy browsing their page for details. Anyway, this bar is notorious amongst the residents of the city.

It’s on Berry Street, and honestly, it’s such an exclusive venue that you’ll probably miss it completely unless you try specifically to find it. They are open for event bookings as well, and with their proudly sported motto: “changing the world, one drink at a time”, you’d be more than happy to leave the bartending at your next birthday to these guys.

The Jacaranda

The Jacaranda Club is all about music – and when we say that, we really mean it. The club is a recreation of the first place The Beatles ever played (according to their website), and they’ve continued the legacy by constantly inviting new up-and-coming artists to perform on their stage.

What’s unique about this place is that it’s a bar downstairs and a record shop upstairs. It’s not just any record shop though, that place has vinyl players built right into the tables, giving punters the chance to combine their love of music with a quiet drink (they also serve coffee if you’re not feeling the alcohol).

The Merchant

With the absolute minimum information on their website, The Merchant is Ropewalks through and through, providing all the classic booze and music you could possibly want from an award winning city pub, but being cool and exclusive at the same time. The place is on Slater Street, which is the perfect location to be part of your night out crawl.

When the sun goes down, it’s a proper party atmosphere, cocktails flowing and music pumping out all night long. Throughout the day though, it’s a classy pub where you can have a quiet glass of wine and a pizza, and moan about all those terrible times you’ve had to settle for a Wetherspoons lunch and a warm pint of Fosters – fear not, never again will you need to settle for bog standard pub crawls.

If you find yourself in the Ropewalks area, or you’re planning a night in some of these bars, make sure you have your room at Duke St Boutique to retreat to.

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