The Ultimate Guide to Liverpool’s Albert Dock

It simply wouldn’t be a visit to Liverpool without heading down to the historic Albert Dock and sampling the hospitality, would it? The Merseyside location is as beautiful as it is famous, making it an absolute must visit for anyone in the city centre.

And it goes without saying that the Albert Dock is home to an almost uncountable number of eateries and bars looking to fill your bellies with the very best food this side of the Pennines.

Here’s our roundup of the very best bars and restaurants near Albert Dock Liverpool.


Boasting two floors, outdoor seating for over 30 guests and a champagne balcony that overlooks the water, Lunyalita is definitely one of the best locations here (spoiler alert though: the competition is fierce).

They specialise in Spanish food, with massive tapas dishes being the quintessential dish coming from their kitchen. As with almost all Spanish restaurants, the portions are absolutely gigantic, so we recommend you watch that when you’re ordering, because the food is so good that you’ll end up eating something like double what you intended to without realising.

They’re located on Britannia Pavillion, so get on down.


Dining in Panam really makes you feel like you’ve made it: reflections of the water rippling across the window, comfy leather sofa to sit on, an expertly mixed drink in your hand as the ice cubes gently clink against the glass – it’s definitely on the line bordering fine dining.

The food is absolutely amazing, with some of the steaks absolutely blowing our minds. Despite the quality though, it’s not posh at all. They do Bottomless Brunch services throughout the day, meaning Panam is perfect for a classy meal or a quiet drink with a colleague.

The Pumphouse

When it comes to restaurants near Liverpool docks, you’ve got plenty of choices on offer. Brazilian, Mexican, French – these are all great cuisines, but sometimes you just want something old fashioned to get the job done. That’s where The Pumphouse comes in.

Located in the Albert Dock’s actual old Pumphouse, this classic pub gives visitors a place to relax and fill their stomachs, located in the perfect location to get there quickly from almost anywhere on the docks. As Greene King pubs go, surely this is up there with the best.

Miller & Carter

Steak houses don’t come much more professional than this, so if you’re the kind of person that goes crazy for red meat, Miller & Carter is the perfect place to eat. If we’re talking Albert Dock pubs, you’re spoilt for choice, but Miller & Carter is a step above the usual watering holes.

Places to eat in Liverpool docks aren’t exactly few and far between either, but with Miller & Carter you’re getting absolutely top quality ingredients at a manageable price. You’ll also have access to a catalogue of wines, so you can turn that quick lunch into a long and lazy afternoon whenever you want.

Brasco Lounge

The Lounges chain was founded by two avid drinkers in 2002, and prides itself on providing punters with the perfect place to hang up their coat and have a relaxing tipple. Emphasis on the “relaxing”, as their location right on the Liverpool waterfront is almost certain to give you a sense of serenity you never thought possible in a bar.

Bars on the Albert dock are all in a perfect position, but the Brasco Lounge in particular has a beautiful interior that makes it feel like a pub from the 18th century. It’s a different kind of atmosphere, but one definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for Liverpool dock restaurants.

Peaberry Coffee House & Kitchen

Liverpool dock restaurants come in many shapes and sizes, but not many have as much personality as Peaberry CH. They pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients and are into using small businesses, so when you go for tea at Peaberry, you’re actually helping out the local business scene as well (good on you).

It’s not just about the breakfast either, Peaberry has a wide variety of dishes on offer, including burgers, spring rolls and all the sides you can think of, along with specialised cocktails and a fully functioning bar to boot.

Floating Grace

Yep, you guessed it, there’s a functioning boat/restaurant on this list, and it’s fabulous. Obviously there’s some serious booking to be done before you get a place at this one, but all the effort will be well worth it when you’re enjoying the beautiful scenes of the Albert Dock during your lamb shank dinner.

You can also book this one for events, so if you’re got a birthday party coming up in the city and you’re the seafaring type, we can’t recommend this venue highly enough. You can view a route map on their website to see exactly where you’ll be travelling during your dinner, so if you can get a place in this one-off venue, you definitely should.

Smuggler’s Cove

With a name like Smuggler’s Cove, the temptation is to think that this quaint Albert Dock bar would lean into the pirate theme, specialising in rum and leaning into the pirate theme. If you assumed this however you’d be… right, actually.

The decor inside Smuggler’s Cove is unique and astonishing, giving this bar real character and making it a joy to drink in. They serve food as well, and it’s actually a key part of the service. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is catered for here, and all the meals are as high quality as the last, but if we’re being honest, it’s the Rum Room that you want a piece of.

Style is matched by substance at this place and we can think of no better place to take a selfie holding up your drink – it will shiver the timbers of your social media friends (apologies).

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