Best Wine Bars in Liverpool City Centre

Wine is something many people enjoy and luckily, Liverpool has become home to a numerous amount of amazing wine bars over the past few years. From small intimate bars focused solely on natural wines to a wine bar located in the cellar of Liverpool’s most luxurious restaurant. 

We have selected our eight favourite wine bars in the city so if you’re looking for one, look no further than this article!

Bunch Wine Bar

Bunch is a small, intimate venue located on Berry Street (just around the corner from Duke St Boutique) and is a speciality natural wine bar and shop. 

When you think of natural wine, you picture a pretentious London bar but Bunch is the complete opposite of that. You’ll be greeted by a friendly bartender who is more than happy to spend his entire shift educating you on the beautiful organic wines that they have sourced from all over the world. 

Bunch make a conscious effort to step out of the realms of ordinary wine, the source interesting and unusual wines that will definitely make you question what wines you really like. You’ll leave committed to only drinking natural wines, which is where the Bunch shop comes in handy – you can purchase bottles to take away with you.

Bunch also offer wine tasting glasses for small audiences where they will talk you through around eight wines and not only educate you but your tastebuds too. 


Petit Café Du Coin

Another wine bar located just around the corner from the hotel is Petit Café Du Coin, an aptly named wine bar and jazz café which offers mainly French wine but does have a limited variety of other wines if you’re not a fan of French wine.

Petit Café offer a range of charcuterie boards to accompany your wine selections. The charcuterie is a delicious addition. They also regularly have live music on from jazz singers, brass bands, string bands and more. It creates the perfect environment, so you feel transported to a Parisian café. 

Buyers Club 

Buyers club is not a wine bar by trade, nor do they refer to themselves as one but we couldn’t leave them off due to the extensive wine menu on offer. 

Wines in the buyers club are sourced from all over the world and they even offer a range of organic wines. No matter what your taste, Buyers Club will have a bottle of wine suited to your taste. 

What is the best part about going to a wine bar that doesn’t trade as a wine bar? The food! We can’t talk about buyers and not talk about the pasta menu. They offer around five, freshly prepared pasta dishes and they are outstanding. So, whether you’re attending buyers for the wine or the food, be sure to pair them together and enjoy both. 

Buyers Club

Ropes & Twines 

Ropes and Twines is located on popular Bold Street but if you’re not looking for the venue, it is easily missed. The bar is also a café so can be mistaken but don’t let that put you off. Ropes and Twines has a carefully curated range of wines from unusual locations that span the globe, such as Lebanon. 

Due to where the wines are from, this is reflected in the price but if you enjoy wine and being educated on wine it is worth the extra investment. 

The venue offers a range of small bites but also has an in house bakery so be sure to pick up something from there to pair with your wines.


Bobo is an Iberian themed bar that serves Spanish and Portuguese wines. They serve a large range of reds, whites and fizz which can all be enjoyed at one of their regular tasting events.

The tasting events are perfect for those who can’t decide on a wine or want to learn more about wine in general. You’ll get to taste a variety of their specially procured wine range and learn more about Spanish and Portuguese wines. 

Art School Cellars 

Located in the basement of Liverpool’s most prestigious restaurant, The Arts School, you will find the Art School Cellars. A wine cellar where you can enjoy luxury wines and charcuterie boards or if you’ve already eaten In the restaurant upstairs, simply go down to the cellar to enjoy the venue and sip on a digestif.

If you prefer luxury surroundings then the Cellars are the venue for you. Imagine an authentic Californian underground wine cellar, that is exactly how it feels to be sat in the Art School Cellars. 

Arts School Cellars

If you have never eaten at the Arts School Restaurant before it is worth mentioning that the tasting menu is paired with a tasting wine menu and is definitely worth it. The Arts School is the most prestigious restaurant in the city so if you’re planning a special night out, treat yourself to a nine course tasting menu at The Arts School and then head down to the cellars to finish your evening with some luxury wines.

Salt House Tapas 

If you enjoy your wines with food, salt house tapas offer an extensive menu and will pair wines with each dish you order to ensure you are maximising the taste of both your food and wine. 

Spanish tapas such as Chorizo, smoked trout and fried bravas potatoes with paired wines from Spanish red merlot to white dry muscat are what you can expect during an evening at Salt House Tapas. Get tipsy whilst eating tapas, sounds like fun to us!

There are our favourite wine bars in Liverpool city centre! We are lucky to have a range of these speciality bars in different locations across the city centre, focusing on different aspects of wines and locations.

However, if you’re staying at Duke St Boutique, we’d advise heading to Bunch Wine Bar to experience the wonders of natural wines and Petit Café Du Coin, so you’re stay at Duke St Boutique feels like a holiday as you’re transported to the French Riviera – both of these bars are just a two-minute walk away from the hotel. 

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