Reasons to Visit Liverpool & Love the City

There are many reasons we and many other people love Liverpool and those reasons are endless but we have picked our favourite things about Liverpool that will have you booking your Weekend staycation in no time!


Liverpool’s history can be traced as far back as 1190 however, it wasn’t until 1715 when Liverpool began to expand into a major city, following the opening of the town’s first wet dock. However, it was during the 19th and 20th century that the city’s history was defined due to the successes of the Cities maritime trading.

Thanks to the city’s dock and the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the city grew exponentially. Before long, Liverpool was given the title of “the second city of the Empire”, and became integral to the Battle of the Atlantic and served as a vital supply port for many of the key battles throughout the war.

Liverpool’s role in the Second World War resulted in the Liverpool blitz, which caused significant destruction across the town.

Due to the development of modern ships which increased their size, Liverpool’s docks could no longer accommodate trade into the city, resulting in the Albert Dock closing its doors in the 1960s, until its regeneration in the 1980s.

The regeneration lead to the Albert Dock becoming one of the cities most thriving areas to this day. Filled with popular bars and restaurants, the Albert dock is a hotspot for both residents and tourists alike.

Some say Liverpool was in it’s prime in the 60’s due to the success of Liverpool FC and the rise of the Beatles but we think Liverpool Is only just coming in to her prime and has much more to give!

Museums & Art Galleries

It is no wonder Liverpool was given the Capital of Culture award in 2008 just based on the number of art galleries and museums that are located in the city. From a Museum that celebrates the life and evolution of Liverpool, to the Maritime Museum which covers the history of the Slave Trade and the Titanic.

There is also the Tate Art Gallery which displays a diverse mix of modern art and on trend exhibitions to the Walker Art Gallery which houses one of the largest art collections in England, outside of London for those who prefer traditional art with a splash of modernism and has been home to artists such as Tracey Emin.

If you’re looking for an educational day out that won’t cost you a penny, look no further than a tour of Liverpool’s museums and art galleries. The World Museum located just next door to the Walker Art Gallery has an entire floor dedicated to educating children in art so is an excellent attraction to visit with your kids. The World Museum explores history outside of Liverpool, offering artefact collections from the Americas, Asia, Egypt and more.

If you’re touring Liverpool with your partner or friends, head to the Museum of Liverpool to delve into an immersive walk through the history of this incredible city. A museum that celebrates everything to do with the city, visit the Museum of Liverpool that offers The Beatles related items, Viking silver, vehicles spanning several centuries, and archaeological finds, plus more.


Liverpool was declared the “City of Pop” by the Guinness World Records in 2001, as more number one records have came from Liverpool than any other city. One of the most popular scouse acts has to be The Beatles.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’re bound to appreciate the musical legacy the Fab Four bestowed onto Liverpool, as well as the rest of the world. There are so many destinations where The Beatles played during the start of their career, but none are more famous than The Cavern Club, where the rock ‘n’ roll band made a total of 292 appearances.

Other famous bands to hail from the city include Echo & the Bunnymen, A Flock of Seagulls, The Farm, Cast, The Zutons, The Wombats, The Coral, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Dead or Alive and Gerry and the Pacemakers, plus so many more.


Liverpool may be classed a small city compared to others but it is home to two football giants, Liverpool FC and Everton FC. An inter-city rivalry has gone on between the clubs for many years but it is also one of things that brings the people of the City together. What’s wrong with a bit of old fashioned rivalry?


Liverpool is a big contender with the likes of London and Manchester when it comes to people choosing where to party. Many cities offer a particular area that hosts the best clubs and bars, but Liverpool’s ever growing nightlife scene expands all over the city.

The city centre offers up areas such as Seel Street which has around 30 bars and clubs all catering to different tastes, whether it’s a relaxed outdoor evening you’re looking for or cocktails in a booth with all the trimmings, you’ll find somewhere on Seel Street.

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, head to Castle Street where you’ll find a selection of eateries that transform in to bustling bars of an evening.

Even if you’re looking to head out of the city centre, you could try the likes of the boho-styled Lark Lane or the increasingly popular Woolton Village.

It is commonly known that no matter what your preferred type of night out is, you’re bound to find it in Liverpool and probably have your best night out yet!


You can’t walk through Liverpool without spotting a restaurant that takes your fancy. Duke Street alone is home to around 10 restaurants from a traditional Japanese Teppanyaki to an indoor street food style market.

If you’re in search of a low key, casual night out, go for a stroll down Bold Street which boasts a wide variety of restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating, cuisines from all around the world and atmospheres that suit any group from families, couples or a group of friends, you will find a place on Bold Street!

Searching for something a bit more high end, something with a luxury feel for a special occasion maybe? Head up to the Georgian Quarter! A pretty special area of Liverpool as if you stand in the centre you’ll see to one end the Metropolitan Cathedral and to the other the Anglican Cathedral, both reasons to visit Liverpool in their own right but a magnificent view to behold whilst enjoying an evening meal.

The Georgian Quarter offers up restaurants such as The Arts School which is the ultimate fine dining experience in Liverpool, where you will receive silver service and enjoy a nine course taster menu – a worthwhile investment when planning a trip to the city.


Yes, we are going to finish by giving the people of Liverpool some celebration. Nominated and winners of the kindest people in the UK, we think they deserve it!

If you’ve met a scouser before you’ll know what we mean when we say there isn’t another kind of person like them! Fun, loud and love their city. Scousers aren’t afraid to have a chat at the bar and get to know you or tell you all about their life and are always on hand to tell you the best places to go in the City. So if you’re ever in Liverpool and feeling a bit lost, just listen out for the nearest Scouser to help!

You will never be short of things to do in Liverpool. With so many attractions and landmarks to see, you will need more than a weekend just to fit it all in – whether you’re a local or a tourist. For example, you can head up to the Radio City Tower, go on a Beatles Tour of the Fab Four’s childhood homes, or you can enjoy a wild day out at Knowsley Safari Park.

If you need a hand with what to do when visiting Liverpool, the team at Duke St Boutique are on hand to create your perfect bespoke stay.

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